Discover the 5 Reasons Why Audiobooks are so Popular

1. It's story-time again

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, teleport yourselves to when you were three in your elementary school classrooms or when your parents read you bedtime stories. Doesn’t matter if you were the shy kid, the naughty kid or anything in between, story time was one thing everyone looked forward to.  The time of the day where a story would be read out to you with all the expressions, excitement and a test of the narrator’s elocution, when you would be transported to a whole different world of your own imagination.

Audibooks are the bedtime stories of modern day except, they are for people of all ages and can be heard anytime! Why should kids have all the fun, right?

2. Big players are offering top-quality audiobook services

Amazon’s service, Audible is evident proof of how audibooks have become popular amongst everyone. The quality of narration offered is so qualitative that users are ready to subscibe on a monthly basis to listen to their favourite books and continuously discover new ones. While all other publishers continue to suffer losses, Amazon is busy grossing a high profit. It is a major competitor in the book market and most of its sales comprise of e-books and now audiobooks with Audible. It not only provides its own audiobook services but also sells audibooks to Apple’s iTunes. This gives the company a monopoly like hold in the market. 

3. They are a time-saver

People nowadays don’t have the luxury to be able to afford time out of their daily routines and sit down to read a book for leisure. Their lifestyles are much different than what it used to be a decade ago or even a few years ago. Especially with multimedia instruments like Netflix coming up, the sales of print media are dying down. But, while reading books, the readers’ imagination plays an equally important role in the book’s reception. It is a way to personalise someone else’s story as your own. This is a major reason why some people still prefer books. With audibooks you get the same experience without having to carry the actual physical book. They keep the imagination of the reader intact while the narrator reads out the book in different tones, thus appealing to the reader in a personal level.

4. They build a strong connection between the narrator and the listener

There have been many attempts at story telling by radio jockeys in the history of the existence of radio as a multimedia platform. They help the channels build a strong personal connection with the listeners. It is like talking to a person first hand. Audibooks work on similar principles and with an advantage of much easier accessibility.

5. They make books very accessible

Another reason why audibooks have come to be so popular is that people can listen to audibooks doing whatever, whenever, wherever. Audibooks can be your travel buddy on a solo trip, your plus one to a social event going horribly wrong, your break from the real world no matter where you are. With audibooks anytime is story-time. Bonus: you don’t need bookmarks! You can pause the story at any moment and pick up where you left off.  So far, audibooks seem to be the most hassle-free method of infotainment and entertainment that the world has seen.

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